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Flanged End Casting Type Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

Trunnion mounted ball valves are designed for upstream sealing. The load generated by the line fluid on ball is absorbed by the trunnion bearings and is directly transmitted to the valve body, and the upstream seat driven by medium pressure drifts towards the ball to creater reliable sealing. The seat design has a built-in automatic cavity relief mechanism.
Trunnion mounted ball valves have a bottom entry stem design, where the stem is inserted from inside the body. The higher the line pressure, the tighter the seal. An elastomer seal in the form of an o-ring is located at the lower end of the stem, which provides the first level of protection to the atmosphere. Valves are provided with vent and drain connections for venting/draining of the valve cavity. Vent and drain connections can also be used for on-line affirmation of valve sealing.

  • CX-TBV08
  • 8481804090

The side entry trunnion mounted ball valve has been designed two piece body type or three piece body type and with two floating seats, which are movable under the pressure of medium. Under the bottom of seats, seat pre-loading springs are positioned to ensure two floating seats can attach the ball’s surface tightly, other more, pressure of medium also can push seats to attach ball tightly to ensure sealing more reliable.

The trunnion ball valve is equipped with a movable seat seal ring which can generate displacement under the pressure of medium. In case that any medium pressure exists, the pressure will press the valve seat seal ring onto the ball tightly, guaranteeing the sealing performance of the ball valve.

Features of Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves:
Trunnion Mounted Ball
Floating Spring Loaded Seat
Double Block and Bleed (DBB) Design Available
Split Body, End Entry
2-Piece or 3-piece Body
Full Port for Pigging Operation
Fire Safe to API 607
Anti static Design
Anti-blowout Stem
Gear Operation or Actuator Available

Applicable Standards of Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves:

a) Design & Manufacture: API 6D, BS 5351, API 607
b) Face to Face: API B16.10, API 6D, EN 558, DIN 3202
c) End Connection: ASME B16.5, ASME B16.25, EN 1092, JIS B2220
d) Test and Inspection: API 6D, EN 12266, API 598

Sizes: 2" - 48" ,DN 50 - DN 1200
Pressure Rating: Class150 - Class 2500 or PN 16 - PN 420
Material of valve body: WCB, LCB, CF3, CF8M, CF3M, A105, LF2, F304, F304L, F316, F316L etc.
Operated by: Lever, Gear, Pneumatic, hydraulic and Electric actuator

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